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YUPHORIC - three individuals from three continents who were brought together by their common love of music.

Candid and expressive, Sedric Perry traces his soulful sound back to Philadelphia. After living in New York City, he has incorporated that sound into a blend of jazzy, groovy R&B. He now resides in Berlin and makes up one half of FHAT Music, constantly providing innovative and unapologetic soundscapes. As a queer artist, he finds it  important  to  make  the  message  of  love  and  self-acceptance  abundantly  clear.  Featured  in  Complex,  Gay  Times,  Earmilk  and  High  Snobiety.

Yuval Gantz is a guitar player, composer producer from Tel-Aviv. In his musical journey he gathers tools from the worlds of R&B, Hip Hop and Jazz to create a fresh new sound. After residing in Tel-Aviv gathering influences from the local beat making scene and touring with his project Alaska Snack Time, he relocated to Berlin where he takes an active part in the local art scene working with various artists as a session musician and song writer.

Phøn (Ron Warburg) is a New York based multi instrumentalist, producer, audio engineer and mixer. In addition to composing and producing music, he has shared the stage as a trumpet player with multiple Grammy award winners an he was a part of the team at the legendary Avatar Studios.

Combining the energies of Berlin, New York and Tel Aviv, Sedric, Yuval and Phøn are creating a deeply emotional but yet extremely groovy realm.